DIY Fluffy Pom Pom Bin

Love neutrals? This DIY fluffy pom pom bin adds a nice bit of texture while hiding all your little things that are … less than neutral. A foolproof way to ensure a color neutral home still feels visually interesting is through texture—lots of texture. So I’m always on the lookout for ways to introduce tactile elements at my house with both decorative and functional pieces.

For me, Erin, this pom pom storage bin project was born out of a need for something to store kids toys in my living room. It’s a generous 16” diameter by 15” high fabric container that corrals all matters of chaos, with fluffy poms that bring a healthy dose of texture and whimsy to any space. Don’t have kids? Laundry or outdoor gear are equally at home in here.


  • Fabric bin
  • Raw wool roving
  • Coordinating yarn
  • Wallet sized (3”x 2”) sturdy plastic card
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle

Wrap wool roving around card 2.5 times

Slide wool roving off card and cinch in the middle with fingers. Tie yarn around center of folded wool and double knot.

Cut all 4 loops with scissors and fluff pom.

Repeat with additional poms. I used 18 poms total for this bin.

Thread tapestry needle with both yarn tails of a pom.

Insert needle through both fabric layers of the side of the bin pulling the yarn through to the inside. Double knot yarn and trim yarn tails.

Repeat with remaining poms in an all over pattern. Tame poms a bit by trimming wild tufts with a scissors.

Actually, the BEST part about this project is that it’s truly totally customizable! If you’re not a neutral lover, you can absolutely use this technique to add a pop of fluffy color to this DIY! Enjoy!

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