7 Life Hacks That’ll Save You Time

1. Test egg freshness by floating them in a bowl of water.

Eggs are a fridge staple, but it’s easy to lose track of their expiration date. That means you’re not sure if they’re going bad. To test freshness, let them float in a bowl of water. Fresh eggs sink completely.

2. Press a shirt collar with a hair straightener.

The next time you’re running out the door only to realize your collar is wrinkled, just grab your flat iron and give it a quick press.

3. Supply a restless toddler with a box and crayons.

Toddlers can get stir-crazy if they’re trapped indoors. To keep your kiddo from coloring on the walls, give them a box and crayons and let them go crazy.

4. Use a pants hanger to consult notes while on the computer.

It’s annoying to crane your neck back and forth when trying to consult handwritten notes while working on the computer. To avoid this, suspend your notes from a pants hanger. You can also use it as a way to suspend cookbooks while you make dinner.

5. Remember that your fuel gauge points to the side where your gas tank is.

If you can’t remember which side your gas tank is on, check your fuel gauge. There’s usually a tiny arrow pointing to the correct side.

6. Use a shot glass to peel a kiwi.

You can do this with any soft, round fruit. Start the cut with a knife, then easily slide the skin off using the edge of the glass.

7. Make a quick grilled cheese in the toaster.

If you don’t want to dirty a pan, turn your toaster sideways to make a quick grilled cheese. Just keep an eye on it and clean it carefully (unplugged) to avoid a food fire.

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