Top 6 Life Hacks That’ll Save Your Time

1. Secure shirt buttons with clear nail polish.

Losing a shirt button can mean unexpectedly flashing your coworkers. Keep your buttons in place with a small dab of clear nail polish applied to each one.

2. Leave a tea bag in your shoes to banish foot odor.

Sneakers are prone to getting smelly fast, especially if you wear them while working out. To keep your shoes fresh, toss a couple of tea bags and let them sit overnight.

3. Disguise alcohol in this sneaky soda disguise.

Plenty of pools and parks don’t let you bring alcohol on the premises. The next time you’re on a picnic and want to enjoy a brew, slip it into this handy soda sleeve.

4. Find a lost earring with pantyhose over the vacuum cleaner.

Small jewelry has a way of getting lost in crevices under furniture. To pick it up with no effort, wrap a piece of hose around the end of your vacuum attachment.

5. Hide money in an empty tube of Chapstick.

Next time you’re at the beach, don’t hide your cash in the toe of your shoe like everyone else. Instead, use an old tube of Chapstick.

6. Organize your cables with toilet paper rolls.

Cables are a part of life, but they’re also major tripping hazards. Keep them out of your way with a few toilet paper rolls.

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7 Life Hacks That’ll Save You Time

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