5 Life Hacks That you will like !

1. charge your phone using a television.

You settle in your hotel room for the night but then realize you forgot your charging dock As long as you have a cable, most televisions have a USB port on the side.

2. Melt two pieces of soap together.

Is your last bar of soap getting down to its final little sliver? Just add it to the new bar, allowing the two to fuse into one.

3. Peel boiled eggs with ease.

Stop struggling to peel hard-boiled eggs by dropping them in an ice bath before you start the process. The shells will slip right off.

4. Put a special character in your password.

To make your passwords super secure, add a special character. We don’t mean something like %!&*. Instead, try a character used in a non-English language, like ñ or ß.

5. Make cleaning your microwave easy with a glass of water.

Microwaves can be a pain to clean as food gets old and dries out. Before you clean, place a glass of water inside and then microwave it. The steam softens the food residue.

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