Don’t miss these 5 tricks!

5. Mark the edge of your tape with a paperclip.

Trying to find the edge of the tape is a pain. Make it easy to spot and grab hold of by sticking a paperclip on the end.

4. Keep your car doors safe in the garage with some pool noodles.

Trying to pull into your garage can be hard, and it might mean bumping into a wall. To keep your car doors scratch-free, mount pool noodles on the walls.

3. Use a shoe when you don’t have a cup holder.

In a pinch, a sneaker will hold a cup just as well as a cup holder. It’s better than accidentally spilling soda all over your seat!

2. Make sure you don’t hit your fingers with the hammer.

Are you prone to smacking your fingers with a hammer while trying to mount a photo? Hold the nail in place with a clothespin.

1. Use a frozen sponge in a plastic bag as an icepack.

This hack is perfect if you’re tired of your kids losing pricey ice packs at school. Instead of spending more money, make a DIY ice pack for super cheap.

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