Remove pits from cherries with a funnel.

Remove pits from cherries with a funnel.

Taking pits out of cherries can take an eternity, but it doesn’t have to if you have the right tools. Just use a regular funnel to pop the stones out in a fraction of the time.

Store your pot lids on command hooks.

Here’s another easy way to store your pot lids. Mount command hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors, then use as a shelf. It’s a simple hack that’ll only cost you a couple of bucks.

Use masking tape to help hang things on the wall.

Hanging pictures and other items on the wall can be tricky. It’s hard to tell if they’re hanging straight, even if you have a second set of eyes! An easy way to make sure they’re level is to put a piece of masking tape on the wall and then line the picture up with it.

Protect your hands with a soda bottle while cooking.

Bacon is delicious, but cooking it is precarious. With so much oil in the pan, it tends to spit, causing painful burns. Protect your hands by cutting the bottom end off of a soda bottle and poking your fork through the top.

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