Improve the grip of a wrench with a coin.

Are you trying to tighten something but your wrench is too big? “Resize” it temporarily by inserting a quarter into the gap. This will help you get a grip on what you’re trying to tighten.

Unclog your kitchen sink with a dishwasher tablet.

Do you have a kitchen sink that’s prone to clogs? Cut through the blockage with a regular dishwasher tablet. Let it dissolve in your sink with some hot water, then rinse the excess away. It’ll get rid of all the gunk in your drain.

Use vinegar to keep animals away from your trash.

If you have raccoons or opossums that have nightly parties in your garbage can, add a little vinegar. You can put it both in the can and on the ground around it. It’ll keep them away and stop them from tearing your trash bags to pieces.

Clean window screens with a lint remover.

Window screens attract a lot of dirt and dust, not to mention all the insects. To get rid of them, use a regular lint remover and roll gently over the screen. Repeat as many times as necessary!

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Remove pits from cherries with a funnel.

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