Start a fire with potato chips.

If you’re trying to start a fire while camping for the weekend, toss in a couple of potato chips. The combination of starch and oil is the perfect fire starter. Of course, you have to be okay with not eating them afterward.

Keep ice frozen longer with salt.

If you want to avoid refilling your cooler every couple of hours at your next barbecue, use this handy hack to keep ice frozen longer. Just sprinkle some salt over the ice and it’ll melt slower, keeping your drinks colder for a longer period.

Eating an apple is a good substitute for brushing your teeth in a pinch.

It’s not a substitute for actually brushing your teeth, but there’s a reason an apple is called “nature’s toothbrush.” It’s highly effective at removing bacteria from your teeth and cutting back on bad breath, so it’ll do in a pinch!

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