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5 Ikea lifeHacks

Ikea hacks are here to make great looking furniture accessible to everyone. You can easily update an Ikea product to make it look like a high-end piece of furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in an interior design magazine.

There are so many great resources that take you through Ikea hacks step by step, you just need to find the perfect one.

We’ve brought together a huge list of 39 Ikea hacks that are (mostly) easy and that are really beautiful, because let’s face it, there are some pretty dire ones out there. We’ve made a curated list with our eye for great interior design from which you will hopefully find something you love!

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Reclaimed Wood Clad Sideboard

Source: Place of My Taste

This gorgeous sideboard started life as Ikea BESTA wall cabinets. The clever people at Place of My Taste simply added reclaimed wood cladding to give it a sumptuous, tactile update.

Adding wood to Ikea products is a popular hack that adds a really stylish twist to the modern scandinavian look of Ikea. Once you have found the ideal pieces of timber and cut to size, stained, varnished as necessary you can simply glue them to the doors. A very easy but effective Ikea hack.

If you don’t want to source the wood for this you could always use wood effect vinyl planks such as these.

Industrial Locker Effect Cabinet

Source: Pastels and Macarons

We love this creative hack from Little House of Four that turns the versatile KALLAX shelf into a rack of vintage style lockers. This would involve a little bit of work making hinged doors and painting but the final product is amazing!

You could have this in the hallway filled with everyones shoes, bags, etc ready as you go out the door. There are various sizes of KALLAX shelves so you could do a smaller one if preferable.

Custom Painted Wall Cabinets

Source: Ikea

One of Ikea’s own hacks, this beautiful painted bank of wall cabinets is another fairly simple project. It’s both a storage solution and a work of art!

You could obviously create your own style of art on the front of these IVAR wall cabinets but we love the effect of this design.

If you didn’t want to get arty with paint, you could just get a stick-on mural and divide it between the doors.

Drip Painted Plant Pots

Another of Ikea’s own hacks, this one is so simple it is achievable at any level of DIY expertise! The bright colours introduced by the dripped paint help give a bit of excitement to any room and contrast nicely with the green of the plants.

This is also a really cheap Ikea hack. You don’t even have to use them for plants, as demonstrated with the pens and paint brushes above.

Built-In Bookshelves

This hack from The Makerista may be a more involved, but you’d hardly know it was an Ikea BILLY bookcase behind all that. It really adds an element of elegance to the room, especially when paired with the rolling library ladder.

Don’t be afraid to get stuck into this project, it will save you a lot of money while making this professional look achievable for the average DIYer.

It is surprisingly easy to fit a library ladder, you just need a library ladder hardware kit.

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